Herbal decoction treats chronic cough

Herbal decoction efficacy: Enhancement of immunity and pulmonary function

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Jin Han, PhD, Oriental medical doctor

Graduated from Kyunghee University, College of Oriental Medicine (2002)

Graduate School of Oriental Medicine (2007) Acquired Doctor degree of Oriental Medicine (2010)

Frequent coughing

with hoarse throat?

When we often get a cold, frequent coughs, and sore throats, we suspect lowered immunity. Children are more likely to have a cold than adults because their immune systems are less active than adults.

Typical diseases related to immunity are allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma, allergic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis. Most of you will know that these diseases are difficult to cure. If you lose your immunity, you may have experienced more severe symptoms such as watery runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, coughing, eye irritation, and skin problems.

There are many medicines that work on the lungs that reinforce immunity in Oriental medicine.

Lowered immunity

can cause herpes zoster

and makes unbearable climacteric changes

Shingles is a disease in which the varicella-zoster virus in childhood is dormant in the body but occurs when the immunity is reduced. At first, it starts with mild flare, blisters and scars are formed during healing process. A pain can not be tolerated after a skin disease has healed. Sleep disorder may occur because of the pain.

Menopause is accompanied by estrogen deficiency, a female hormone. In Oriental medicine, it seems to be a symptom of fever in the upper body due to lack of the fluid. During menopause, the mouth is often accompanied by dry symptoms, the chest is often pounded, and the immune system and sudden decline in physical strength appear. In addition to this, as you all know well, there is a lot of night sweating and face flushing.

In order to prevent recurrence of herpes zoster and alleviate menopausal symptoms, it is necessary to strengthen the immunity.

You should strengthen the lungs

to strengthen Immunity

To strengthen your immune system, it is recommended you eat fresh vegetables and fruits and take regular meals and aerobic exercise. When you exercise, the current immune system will be lowered if you lose more strength, so it is better to increase your exercise time to your stamina. Along with improving lifestyle, strengthening your lungs helps strengthen your immune system.

For the purpose of this, we recommend you take Herbal decoction. Herbal decoction’s mainly consist of ginseng and milk vetch root (Hwang-gi).

Ginseng has a high saponin content and is known to enhance the function of the skin. It strengthens pulmonary function and relieves frequent coughing and asthma.

Ginseng strengthens the essence of the body and helps people who have frequent mouth dryness. It has anti-aging and anti-stress effects. Ginseng has a synergistic effect on strengthening lung function with milk vetch root (Hwang-gi) .

Milk vetch root (Hwang-gi) is known for its efficacy in preventing cardiovascular diseases and diabetes as well as improving immunity, helping to keep sweat from shedding well and to heal wounds. Because of the fact that it is a soybean plant to help alleviate climacteric symptoms.

Do you make Herbal decoction directly?

Yes. we do not only wash, dry and crush medicinal herbs, but also reinterpret the traditional manufacturing methods in a modern way to standardize the quality and effectiveness of Ginseng Hwang-gi-san.

First, we wash milk vetch root, poria cocos and ginseng and put them into a dryer dedicated for medicinal materials and dry on optimized temperature for active ingredients. After drying, they are made into fine powder with grinder.


Powdered medicines are blended in a unique blend ratio of Kyunghee hyoza oriental medicine clinic and kneaded with a certain amount of honey to make a round ball.

How to take Herbal decoction

and storage method

It is best to store in a shady place where there is well ventilated or in refrigerator.

You can take it twice a day and it is good to take about 100 pills. If you enjoy singing a lot and talk a lot, you can take it regularly.

The efficacy of Herbal decoction is good for the following people.

  • Those who need to raise their energy with a diagnosis that the energy has fallen
  • Those who have thin body type and clearing cobwebs away after eat something
  • Those who want to alleviate and prevent menopausal symptoms
  • Reduced immunity to suffer from colds, allergic rhinitis, bronchitis and asthma
  • People who usually sweat a lot
  • Those who usually talk a lot and get hoarse
  • Those who need recovery after surgery

As we live, we do not think that there is nothing that does not involve our body’s immune system from mild illness like cold to chronic wasting disease such as hypertension, diabetes and lung disease. The effort to prevent the decrease of immunity usually prevents a small disease from developing into a big disease.

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