Musk Gongjindan restores energy

The efficacy and indications of Musk Gongjindan

공진단 효능 복용법

글: 한의학박사 한진

Jin Han, PhD, Oriental medical doctor

Graduated from Kyunghee University, College of Oriental Medicine (2002)

Graduate School of Oriental Medicine (2007) Acquired Doctor degree of Oriental Medicine (2010)

*Do you have palpitation and feel pressure on your chest all the time?*

Are you always tired and lethargic?

Can’t focus on things?

Do you have cold hands and feet and dull eyes?

Since when did you feel under the weather? You might not recover from fatigue after sleep and your concentration is decreasing. In addition, it is often difficult to read or write a book until late because you feel dizzy and have blear eyes.

The reason for these symptoms is that as you get older, your stamina falls and your heart becomes weaker. That means that when the heart contracts, sufficient amount of blood from the heart does not pass all over the body.

Unless fresh blood is supplied to the whole body, the function of our organs is diminished as well as waste accumulates, which leads to muscle fatigue, physical fatigue, and mental fatigue.

Physical fatigue and mental fatigue lead to chronic fatigue.

You can recover from chronic fatigue

When you have strong stomach and heart

If your digestion is not good, you often feel bloated and frustrated after eating. When the stomach becomes weak, you often feel stiff in the shoulder and back muscles with your head and whole body feeling heavy, Even though you are sitting still, dizziness and pain in forehead may appear.

These symptoms are often seen in people in their 50s or 60s, but they are often seen in people who are sitting on the desk for a long time, such as office workers or examinees in younger age.

We (Kyunghee Hyoza Oriental Medicine clinic) prescribe powder medicine to strengthen the stomach. Powder is a drug that can be prescribed only by Kyunghee Hyoza Oriental Clinic, which is made by carefully selecting herbs with good effect while treating gastrointestinal patients for more than 10 years. It promotes gastric function and food decomposition, especially relieves pain and heartburn, reduces wastes in blood, and relieves chest tightness.

There are many places to prescribe the gongjindan, but we only prescribe a combination of powdered medicine which improves gastrointestinal function to relieve chronic fatigue.

Now, let’s talk about your heart.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to flush your face and also feel the heart beating down and pounding. These symptoms mainly appears to people who have weak pulse. But even people who have always had good health are getting weaker as the age gets older, and their pulse will also weaken.

The weakness of the pulse means that the amount of blood flowing from the heart is so small when the heart muscle contracts. If the pulse is stronger, the cells or muscles will get more oxygen and nutrients fresh, wastes and carbon dioxide are quickly discharged from the body.

Therefore, enough blood from the heart to be delivered to the cells or muscles can relieve chronic fatigue. Gongjindan is the medicine that helps strengthen the heart.

In the past, you wouldn’t know about medicine called gongjindan, but nowadays it is common in TV dramas and is well known as the epitome of precious medicine. You know it is a good medicine and would like to take it once, but it would not be easy for you because of the price. The price of one gongjindan is about $55 to $90. This is why the price of gongjindan is so high because it contains musk. In addition, the weight of one gongjindan varies from 4 to 5 grams, so there may be price differences depending on weights.

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L-Muscone, main ingredients of musk

The musk is a natural medicine that was dried the semen spermatozoa of the male musk deer [prohibited from overhunting worldwide according to the CITES (International Convention for the Endangered Species)], and it has pocket musk and powdery musk depending on its shape. At the KFDA, authenticity is verified through inherent characteristics and test methods, and more than 2% of the main ingredient, L-Muscons, is certified as genuine. The problem is that L-Muscons are capable of artificial synthesis. In the Korean Pharmacopoeia, L-Muscone is a muscarinic substitute used only for certain medicines such as Woohwang Cheongsimhwan. Efficacy of L-Muscons is not identical to musk.

Its property is warm, it stabilizes the rhythm of the heart and strengthens the heart muscle.

Musk Gongjindan

What is efficacy?

The efficacy of the Ostericum Gongjindan is as follows.

  • relieving palpitation and feeling pressure on your chest
  • fatigue recovery and enhancing strength
  • relieving work stress and annoyance
  • Improving rhinitis and tinnitus
  • loosening knotted neck and shoulder muscles
  • reducing numbness and cold hands and feet
  • sleeping tight and being willing to do something
  • relieving heart palpitation and chest discomfort
  • Reduction of menstrual cramps and being regular menstrual cycle
  • Warming the lower abdomen to improve sexual function
  • relieving constipation
  • improving eye dryness

The Ostericum Gongjindan is effective to treat gastrointestinal disease when taken with powdered medicine. For more information on reflux esophagitis and gastritis, read below.

Reflux esophagitis and gastritis treatment

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Did you make Musk Gongjindan

by yourself?

The manufacture of the Ostericum Gongjindan is too much like hard work. However, if We think we would have had it, it is comfortable to make it ourselves. So We make it hygienically as well as exactly. The manufacture process of the Ostericum Gongjindan consists of drying, crushing, kneading, making a ball and gold-plating of the medicinal materials.

It is necessary to make the medicinal materials into powder for the production of the Ostericum Gongjindan. First, we wash and clean medicinal materials before crushing. The medicinal materials are as follows and the large, shiny medicines have good quality.

On drying process, we use the medicinal dryers as shown in the picture below. The temperature should be kept at the optimum temperature to minimize the loss of active ingredients.

Then we put angelica root, deer antler, cornus fruitl and by-gone ostericum into the grinders below to make fine powder. The video shows the crushing process of deer antler.

Powdered medicines are blended in a unique blend ratio of Kyunghee hyoza oriental medicine clinic and kneaded with a certain amount of honey to make a round ball.

공진단 효능 복용법

Finally we complete the Ostericum Gongjindan as we put the gold leaf. The reason for gold leaf wrapping is that gold itself has a sedative effect and enhance the preservation the medicinal efficacy.

How do you take the Musk Gongjindan?

You can take one pill every day. It is best to take it before meal at any time of the day and drink a glass of warm water after taking it.

The Ostericum Gongjindan dosage varies according to the person. Depending on the degree of constitutional or physical strength, it varies 30 to 100 pills.

People who are tired of everything

sucjh as worker, Student

menopausal women and elderly


Musk Gongjindan

Health is ability to compete in our society. If you feel uneasy and your physical strength falls, you will not be able to get as much results as you want because you lose concentration when you work and study.

It is a good idea to improve your mind, physical fitness and concentration.

If you are worried about the health of the elderly or a student and a worker and the menopausal women who are suffering from physical discomfort as the day goes by, I would recommend  Ostericum Gongjindan which was manufactured directly by Kyunghee Hyoza oriental medicine Clinic.

<We can issue the documents such as receipt and medical sheet if you need for private health insurance.>

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