Symptoms of Reflux esophagitis and Gastritis

1. Feeling like something stuck in throat

There is almost no sputum in throat, but a small amount of white sputum may come out. If you are nervious and can't digest well, throat symptom gets worse and often accompanied by laryngitis with hoarse and broken voice. When you are singing, voice is weaker and you can't get high notes.

2. Epigastric pain, indigestion, heartburn

You may have a bloated bloated stomach and heartburn after meal. The left side of the rib is often stiff, and sometimes the lower side of the right rib is stiff. If you care too much about something or don't digest well, you may feel like heartbeat around your belly button.

3. Back pain

If the stomach function is not good, you can feel a lot of pain in your back or shoulder area. In severe cases, the pain appears to go up the left shoulder. It does not work well with general physical therapy or acupuncture. And You need the better the stomach function for relieving pain.

4. Mouth and tongue dryness, tongue pain, dry cough

Your mouth is always dry and mouth or tongue is tingling or sore in severe cases. Symptoms become more severe if you have menopausal symptoms. In dry seasons, you can have a cough frequently.

5. Insomnia, depression, anxiety disorder and panic disorder

Chronic gastrointestinal disease causes anxiety or insomnia because it leads to poor physical condition and low work efficiency. It takes a lot of time to sleep and often awake in the middleof night. You may have a lot of dreams that you can not think of when you wake up. If anxiety and depression get worse, your chest is frustrating and have difficulty in breathing like panic disorder.

6. Chest throbbing, chest pain and tightness

If digestion is not done and the upper abdomen is swollen, chest throbbing become worse. If you have reflux esophagitis, you feel frustrated because you feel something blocked in your chest. After the holiday overeating, you can get a lot of these symptoms.

7. Dysphagia, rejection of food odor or specific taste

Because the food stays in the stomach longer, the appetite is reduced even when it is time for meals. Even if you eat food, you get a feeling stuck from your neck to chest. In severe, you can get away from the food with a specific taste such as spicy taste and salty taste.

8. Climacteric discomfort, poor physical strength

Although a healthy person who has had a good stomach function from his youth, the function of all the organs starts to decline in climacterium. The food you ate stays for a long time. You will lose appetite and absorb less nutrients, which can make you have chronic physical decline, helplessness.

9. Hypochondriac, drug-sensitivity

Because gastrointestinal diseases cause various symptoms, you are going to be between good and bad about the symptoms that appear on that day. You may try to keep checking with internet search and repeatedly go to the hospital for examination. In addition, some medicines tend to respond sensitively to you, for example as eye sickness and headache, etc .

10. Dam-jeok (痰積, one of oriental medical terms)

If you have a bad stomach function, your body will form a Dam-jeok. The Dam (including sputum) is a waste that is not circulating in your body. It is created mainly by meeting moisture and heat. The Dam is fluid, so you can hear the sound of growling as you press your abdomen.
Also, after a lot of work or exercise, your muscles seem to be in a knot and painful. At this time, the pain seems to move around. The Dam is mainly in such a soft shape. However, when the Dam is piled up, it becomes a hardened form which is called Dam-jeok (jeok means stack). If the motility of stomach and intestines decreases, muscles of back andr shoulder as well as abdomen are constantly knotted. When the motility of the stomach is low, the circulation is not so good, so the abdominal muscles also get together and the back and shoulder muscles get well together. Therefore, it is understood that the Dam-jeok is a form of accumulation of the waste of human body.

11. Arrhythmia

Arrhythmia is an irregular heart rhythm. Arrhythmia is a symptom in which the pulse rate per minute is too fast, too slow, or intermittently, the pulse stops once. It is important to be treated early before the arrhythmia develops into another heart disease.
Arrhythmia is sensitive to changes in physical condition, so if your physical and mental fatigue is intensified, heart and gastrointestinal functions tend to get worse.

Among the symptoms listed above, feeling like something stuck in throat and epigastric pain are the most common symptoms.

Reflux esophagitis and Gastritis treatment

Globus pharyngis and Epigastric pain treatment

As you grow older, your physical and immune system will be poor and your stomach function will fall off sharply. People with weak gastrointestinal function often have more symptoms when their physical strength and immunity are low.

Do you usually feel like there's something in your throat or have stifling chest and back pain? Feeling like something in throat with your voice hoarse and thinner causes many inconveniences in your daily life. These are all symptoms of reflux esophagitis. If accompanied by gastritis, dyspepsia and epigastric pain may also appear.

Reflux esophagitis and gastritis may cause myalgia, limp, chronic fatigue, migraine, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and panic disorder symptoms that cause the chest to feel puffy and breathless.

How to improve feeling something stuck in throat and epigastric discomfort


I'm Jin Han.

I'm a oriental medical doctor and the director of KyungheeHyoza oriental medicine clinic.

Graduated from Oriental Medicine, Kyunghee University, Oriental medicine college

Graduate School of Oriental Medicine, Kyunghee University, PhD of Oriental Medicine

I have been treating reflux esophagitis and gastritis for 17 years. I have known that there's no diseases that lower quality of life as much as reflux esophagitis and gastritis. And the main reasons for lowering the quality of life are feeling something stuck in the throat and epigastric pain. It is very difficult to treat these symptoms because stress is the biggest cause.

The person who is doing business and the person who is meticulous and high-strung and  does not express feelings to others is usually stressful.

Stress includes both mental stress and physical stress. If you overtax your brain or have a lot of interpersonal relations to talk a lot, you should resolve the mental and physical stresses so that you can fix throat and epigastric problem. It is possible to eliminate the bad breath caused by the same way.

In order to improve feeling something in the throat and epigastric pain, you need to get treatment of the entire digestive tract. If your abdomen is easily filled with gas, you will need to make smooth movement of the stomach and intestines.

And you should know what food is bad for you for certain reasons.

For example, you have been told that 'cabbage is good for gastritis' and you are making the mistake of eating cabbage for a long time. Cabbage protects the gastric mucosa when a lot of stomach acid comes out but it can decrease gastrointestinal motility and cause the digestive problems and bloating to be worse than usual. In this case, it is more helpful to eat the ginger tea steadily.

If the digestion function falls, it is also problematic to restrain food excessively. The organ 'stomach' is used to make food in the form of 'porridge' and hand it over to the duodenum. The duodenum absorbs the necessary carbohydrates, fats and proteins with the help of bile as well as other digestive enzymes. And then the large intestine reabsorbs the water and the remaining wastes become stools.

If you eat broth-based soups or soft foods to avoid being heavy on stomach, your gastric mortility will decrease gradually. As you get older, the symptoms become worse and make it harder to fix.

Therefore, I would like to share my experience about treating patients with reflux esophagitis for a long time. The materials I will provide are as follows.

  • I will inform you about eating habits

    Step-by-step instructions for improving gastrointestinal function are released. It is a way to reset the gastrointestinal function like rebooting a slow computer. In addition, we will show you the foods you should be especially careful about.

  • I will inform you about exercise habits

    It is true that exercise improves gastrointestinal function. Specifically, we will let you know what kind of exercise helps your stomach and tell you the precautions of exercise therapy.


  • I will inform you about the Psychological Stabilization method

    When you get stress, your appetite fails and digestion becomes worse. Then your stomach gets sick and you may have stomach pain by contraction of abdominal muscles. I also have such an experience. So I will teach you how to relieve stress.


Learn how to treat reflux esophagitis and gastritis

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