Reflux esophagitis gastritis

Reflux esophagitis gastritis Symptoms and feeling something stuck in throat and epigastric pain treatment

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Feel like something’s stuck in your throat,

Feel a pressure on your chest,

Do not digest well?

Nowadays, the number of patients with reflux esophagitis and gastritis is increasing. Even those who thought the stomach was strong in the past could feel that the digestion is not good in the recent years. In addition to digestive disorders, abdominal muscles often experience lumps. When you press the stomach, you will feel a little harder. If you feel warmer in stomach, you will feel comforable. From this point on, shoulder and back pain often occur, but it is the only time to get a general physical therapy or acupuncture and feel better. Furthermore, if the function of gastrointestinal motility is poor, you do not think that you want to eat food.

If the stomach is not functioning properly and uncomfortable, you would have an endoscopy. You would have been diagnosed with reflux esophagitis or gastritis after your checkup.

In general, reflux esophagitis is caused by eating foods contains a lot of caffeine such as chocolate and coffee, green tea and spices, which lower the pressure of the lower esophageal sphincter. And the cause of gastritis is overeating, preferring meat or flour food. But the main cause is mental and physical stress.

You have received many treatments for reflux esophagitis and gastritis. It seems to be getting better, but it would be harder because of frequent recurrence.

 Reflux esophagitis and gastritis can also triggers

Migraine headache, muscle pain, bad breath, sense of numbness of hands and feet

Panic Disorder, Depression and Insomnia

 The main symptom of Reflux esophagitis is globus pharigis. It feels like something’s stuck in throat. There are also chest tightness and back pain. The figure below shows the occurrence and change of globus pharyngis.

Symptoms of globus pharyngis start from area 1 and gradually rise to area 2. In the early stage of the onset, gastric acid reflux causes the area 1 to be burned. But you'll feel like something's stuck in throat in chronic stage.

Globus pharyngis may appear only at certain times of the day, but in severe cases it appears throughout the day. The area 2 is the muscles of the throat,  which is called sternocleidomastoid muscle. You feel uncomfortableThe thyroid gland, which is the starting point of the area 2, When it is severe, stiffness appears to the ear area. After that, you may have tinnitus or migraine.

When you have many symptoms as above, you can feel anxiety and suffer from insomnia. This leads to chronic fatigue, which reduces your concentration and can cause panic disorder and depression.

After meals

Are you frustrated that

Stomach is bloating?


Feeling like a heartbeat on your abdomen?

Epigastric pain and abdominal discomfort are common symptoms of reflux esophagitis and gastritis. Symptoms of each area in abdomen are characteristic. Please see the picture below.

역류성 식도염 위염 증상 치료

Pain or discomfort is the most common in areas 1, 2 and 3. You can feel stiffness the under the left rib with the postprandial stuffiness. If the first area is stiff, it is difficult for the food to pass over from the esophagus to stomach. If you feel sick here, you often get insomnia, and it takes a long time to get to sleep at night and have a broken sleep.

If the areas 2 and 3 are stiff, it means that the food is not decomposed and stagnated at the center or exit of the stomach. You feel bloated and your appetite fails. In some cases, the area 3 contracts repeatedly as if the heart is beating. It often occurs in anxious and nervous people.

Abdominal fullness appears frequently in area 4. You still feel bloated after dumping your load when you feels like the flesh of other person. Area 4 also tends to beat like a heartbeat if abdominal distension is severe.

If you want strong stomach,

Heart and lungs should be strong

The heart and lungs are the pivotal organs of systemic blood circulation. The heart is responsible for the arterial circulation and supplies fresh oxygen and nutrients to the cells or tissues through the blood. The lungs are responsible for the venous circulation and transfer waste and carbon dioxide from cells and tissues into the blood and send them back to the heart. In this process, the carbon dioxide is replaced with fresh oxygen and waste products are discharged from the body. The blood from the heart is important, but the blood that returns to the heart is also important.

If the heart and lungs are strong, the gastrointestinal motility, the ability to absorb and dissolve and the physical strength will also be improved.

Even if you do not have any abnormality on ECG, CT or ultrasound, if you have a weak pulse, your heart will not be able to supply enough blood to your hands and feet as well as your stomach, You can be skittish to feel your heart thump and feel numbness in hands and feet and lose concentration. When the heart and lungs are strong, the mind is relaxed and the anxiety and tension are relieved, so the symptoms of insomnia, depression and panic disorder are alleviated, and it also helps to prevent varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

We prescribe a combination of powder medicine, Ostericum Gongjindan (OG) (strengthening the heart) and Ginseng Hwang-gi-san (GH) (strengthening the lung) depending on the symptoms and constitution of the patient to treat reflux esophagitis and gastritis.

Reflux Esophagitis and gastritis

Treatment prescriptions

The following prescriptions are formulated according to the individual's symptoms and constitution.

Ostericum Gongjindan (OG)

Ostericum Gongjindan is a medicine that we substitutes musk in the existing Gongjindan with By-gone ostericum and elecampane for the treatment of gastrointestinal disease. It strengthens the heart, improves arterial circulation, relieves mental and physical stress and enhances physical strength, which helps relieve symptoms of feeling something stuck in throat and chest tightness. Kyunghee Hyoza Oriental medicine clinic makes a unique blend ratio of Ostericum Gongjindan.

Learn more about Ostericum Gongjindan

powder medicine

Powdery medicines can be prescribed only by Kyunghee Hyoza Oriental Medicine Clinic, which has been treating patients with gastrointestinal diseases for more than 10 years and consist of carefully selected herbs with good effects. They increase the digestion and absorption of food, control gastric acid, protect the gastric mucosa and treat inflammation. Especially, it is effective to relieve epigastric pain and heartburn.

Ginseng Hwang-gi-san (GH)

Ginseng hwang-gi-san was originally developed by Kyunghee Hyoza oriental medicine clinic to replace rehmania  with milk vetch root to solve the problem of poor digestion. It is good for lungs and improve venous circulation and immunity. It also alleviate frequent coughing, phlegm and hoarse voice as well as reflux esophagitis and laryngitis.

Learn more about Ginseng Hwang-gi-san

 How long will it take to treat

reflux esophagitis and gastritis?

The usual treatment period is about 100 days. People who are in a early stage of disease or younger are treated earlier.

Symptom improvement is individual differences, but in some cases the symptoms may improve in a week or so.

During the subsequent period after treatment, the body is rejuvenated to maintain its improved condition and to prevent recurrence.

You may think that 100 days is long. But if you want to relieve and treat recurrent reflux esophagitis and gastritis symptoms that do not get well, I think it is time to invest.

3 types of treatments

  • 1. Feeling like something stuck in throat and indigestion 1. Feeling like something stuck in throat and indigestion


    Indigestion for a long time. Immunity may be lowered and lips blistered and allergic to allergen such as pollen.

    Sudden stomach cramps and diagnosed with reflux esophagitis by endoscopy.

    Not getting better after taking medicine including antacids.

    When standing up, you often get dizziness.

    Your radial artery pulse can be weak and sinking, which means that circulatory blood flow is low and blood is thick. White coated tongue, which means his stomach has an inflammation and he has much body waste.

    If you enjoyed singing, you can't sind better than before because you may always get hoarse and your voice can be throaty. You feel like something in his neck all the time.


    Ostericum Gongjindan (OG), Ginseng Hwang-gi-san (GH)

    Stomach enhancement powder and anti-inflammatory powder, 1: 2 ratio prescribed.

    <Expected proogress>

    *This is an estimate and there are individual differences.

    After  30 days or so,

    Symptoms start to improve. You feel that the sputum is less and the strength is restored.

    After 70 days or so,

    You often felt under the weather in the morning before treatment, but you'll get refreshed and don't feel dizzy.

    The digestion will be good. You can sing well as before.


    Among the symptoms of reflux esophagitis, feeling like something stuck in throat pain and hoarseness are common. If you do not smoke, the treatment is well. Although you don't drink  alcohol  and work out steadily, after 50 years of age, the condition was suddenly disturbed by reflux esophagitis. So, I prescribe Ostericum Gongjindan (OG) to strengthen the cardiac function and psychological stability as well as improved mobility of the stomach.

  • 2. Indigestion and lowered heart function 2. Indigestion and lowered heart function


    Diagnosed with reflux esophagitis with much of esophageal inflammation in endoscopy

    There was no finding about heart diseases with an electrocardiogram.

    Small amount of sputum and palpitations. Feeling pressure on chest.

    Sometimes having difficulty in breathing.

    You can't digest well and feel like a heartbeat at the top of my belly.

    You like meat and flour food, but you feel uncomfortable after eating,


    Ostericum Gongjindan (OG), Stomach enhancement powder

    <Expected progress>

    *This is an estimate and there are individual differences.

    About 4 weeks later, the abdomen will become smooth and the stool was normal.

    About 8 weeks later, the palpitation and chest symptoms will be almost gone. You can feel easy.


    Gastrointestinal disorders cause chronic fatigue. Ostericum Gongjindan (OG) and stomach enhancement powder increase the secretion of digestive enzymes and improve physical strength and stabilize the heart rate and improve heart function.

  • 3. Feeling like something stuck in throat and getting hoarsed 3. Feeling like something stuck in throat and getting hoarsed


    When you drink alcohol, you always have loose bowels. Diagnosed with reflux esophagitis  and gastritis by endoscopy.

    You have dry cough and feel like something stuck in throat which can't be spat and swallowed.

    Your voice may be just a croak. You may digest well, but you are easily tired and often have back and shoulder pain.

    Your tongue can be little or not coated.


    Ginseng Hwang-gi-san (GH), anti-inflammatory powder

    <Expected progress>

    *This is an estimate and there are individual differences.

    About 30 days later,

    Fatigue and throat symptom will be somewhat relieved.

    About 60 days later,

    Back pain will be disappeared and digest better.

    You are able to sing with a clear voice.

    About 90 days later,

    Throat symptom will disappear and have a nice sleep at night.


    Feeling like something stuck in throat or burning throat or hoarsed voices can show regardless of the digestive function. These symptoms may appear and it usually gets worse in climacterium because of shortage of body essence and hormones and pulmonary function insufficiency. You can understand well if you think about the difference between leaves of May and the leaves of autumn. If you repleish essence with Ginseng Hwang-gi-san (GH), your symptoms get well, so you can improve your pulmonary function and get rid of inflammation as well.



Recurrent Reflux esophagitis and gastritis treatment,

Kyunghee Hyoza oriental medicine clinic will help you.

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