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We will inform you about cause of your symptoms and physical constitution through questionnaires about current symptoms, medical history. You may leave blank for non-relevant questions. Be sure to click the “Send” button at the bottom after completing.


    Metabolic disease

    Feeling like something stuck in throat, voice and cough
    Something is always on my throat.The voices are always croaky and the voices do not go up well when singing.There are also indigestion and epigastric pain.Digestion is no problem at all.Voice is weaker than before.Frequent dry cough and thirsty throat

    Digestive functions
    Absolutely normalIndigestionMeat, flour food become a burden.Epigastric pain after meals.Upper abdomen bloatedLower abdomen bloatedHeartburn on an empty stomachI can not sleep at night because of heartburn and stomach pain.

    I often have heart palpitations.I often feel pressure on my chest.I am surprised easily.Sometimes it is difficult to breathe.I can not get on an airplane or subway.My hands and feet are always cold.My abdomen is always cold.Migraines often occur.I often feel dizzy.

    Physical strength
    I am always tired nowadays.When I wake up in the morning, I always feel under the weather.When I am at work or read books, I get less concentration.I'm not tired at all.

    I hardly sweat and I do not like sauna because I feel very tired when I sweat a lot.I Sweat well and I like sauna because I feel refreshed when I sweat a lot.

    Excrement, feces
    I have a bowel movement almost every dayEvery day I have a bowel, but I often feel less.I have a bowel movement every two or three days.I have a bowel movement every seven or eight days.I often have a watery stool.I have a bowel movement three or four times a day.I have a bowel movement five or seven times a day.The stool is golden.The stool is green or dark.

    I seem to urinate too often.After urinating, I don't feel relieved.I often wake up at night because of my urine.The urine is bubbly.The urine is dark yellow.Urine is clear.

    I am so sensitive and stressful and keeps it in mind.I am a perfectionist.I do not worry about something in everyday life.I am always cheerful and become friends with the person I've just met immediately.

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